Do not disturb!

Question: Are you able to accept God’s interruptions? Meaning, you are going about your day & your mind is fixed on your plan. It could be something as simple as going to buy a honey bun on your break. Someone stops you in need of help some kinda way. Someone you may or may not know. They may need money, prayer, encouragement, etc. It can be just someone God just wants to bring into your life to bless you. They may be the key to the breakthrough that you need. My confession, I am not. My flaw has always been to be prepared, to be in position, or the right time/moment. I am on the tail-end of this lesson. Now I stand in sorrow of missing out on an awesome blessing God had prepared for me because I would not allow Him to interrupt my plans. I must say that I have not always been this way. I notice that when I fix my attention on Christ, when I start my day with Him, then I am able to receive all that I may encounter each day. Scripture tells us of Jesus arising early to spend time with God alone. If you read of His life, He was always receiving interruptions. There was always someone in need of healing, delivered of demons, or just desiring His Holy presence. Yet He was faithful & He knew His purpose. The King of kings came to earth to serve & not be served. He knew who He was and walked in humilty and obedience. He was always prepared. His mind was fixed on God’s agenda & not His own. This past year I have encountered interruptions and have resisted our Father’s will for my life. Blocking blessings, smh!!!! O Jesus, please have mercy on me. Focusing on my own selfish needs, desiring to make progress & complaining about “clingy, needy, people” in my way. Smh, who am I? Father forgive me! I ask you all to forgive me as well for my pride & stubborness. I also am understanding that God is so intentional and intricate in my life. He is truly devoted to His will for my life. Prior to, I never believed He was so concerned with an insignificant individual like myself. Now, I realize that my life is not my own. I have had a fundamental understanding of this yet now, I know with experience. My obedience is not an option & it is not just for me. Someone somewhere is waiting on my obedience. I have to write a part two soon to go into deeper detail. However, the lesson for today is to fix our eyes on Christ. Get on God’s agenda & destroy your own. Let’s be so committed to Christ & serving where He sees fit to always bring Him glory & honor. We are His witnessess in the world. Let’s be good ones at that!